The state of the Nation

This is my first post on my new blog and it stems from all the political positioning, re-positioning and maneuvering of the various political parties since the General Election which has left us with a hung parliament and great uncertainty about the future.   It is not intended to be a statement of support for any one party, but it does I feel describe where we are as a nation through my eyes.   Please feel free to comment and discuss, the more the merrier.

As a country we find ourselves in a pretty dire position as I see it, summarized below;


  • Inflation Rate 2.9%
  • Wage growth 1.7%
  • Public sector wage growth 1% – unless you are an MP when its 11% at a cost of 5.2 Million, which would pay the bursaries of nearly 600 student nurses for a year, (give or take, I am not a mathematician)

So in just one year we are on average 1.2% worse off or 1.9% if you are public sector don’t forget that’s just 1 year.   Result not surprisingly –

  • Retail sales down – we can’t afford to buy stuff
  • Gap between poor and rich widening


  • Nursing vacancies unfilled as not enough nurses
  • NHS waiting lists increasing
  • NHS waiting time lengthening
  • A&E targets missed and getting worse
  • Ambulance response time targets for life threatening calls missed
  • Police cells and A&E departments being surrogate mental health beds due to chronic shortage of proper mental health unit beds
  • Less doctors taking approved training posts after basic training
  • Less young people going into nurse training – likely Due to removal of bursary
  • Applications for work in the NHS from Europe down 94% since Brexit vote


  • Police numbers down
  • Firefighter numbers down
  • Security services are struggling to protect the public and that is not a slur on security staff, they work bloody hard and do an amazing job.
  • Counter terrorism teams unable to watch and monitor as many people as necessary to ensure our safety.


  • Minority government with support from a party with its roots steeped in violence
  • Brexit negotiations to start without a stable government

Apparently the EU negotiators want to agree the bill before we agree the terms, hope the media got that wrong, otherwise the EU will say thanks for the donation, now piss off


  • Public confidence in political system low
  • Tolerance of immigration reducing despite the value that having a diverse population brings including trade and skilled workers
  • Hate crime rising
  • Justice system that lets criminals get away with light sentences with insufficient jail accommodation to change this
  • A prison system that is so full, rehabilitation programs cannot be provided.
  • Politics somewhat controlled by media
  • Public services abused by an ever increasing number, A&E really is not the place to go because you can’t stop sneezing people


As I said this isn’t a political advert, it’s a statement of where we are, doesn’t sound at all like a GREAT Britain, or a UNITED Kingdom does it.   People will read this and say, well it’s the Tories Fault for their austerity program, or they will say the Labour Party started the rot under Blair, and no doubt other accusations against all governments and PM’s of the last 30 years.   Well I challenge you all to say that doesn’t matter right now, what does matter is how we make it right, what we do moving forward, how do we put the GREAT back into GREAT BRITAIN or the UNITED back into the UNITED KINGDOM, and no, closing our borders isn’t the gateway to paradise.   We all deserve better, regardless of where we came from, who we are and what we do, as do our children and our children’s children.   I don’t know how we change this, but it has to start with pressurizing our elected representatives, lobbying them and not taking no for an answer, they have to make us GREAT again and they have to do it for all, not just the few. – (sorry to borrow from the Labour Party manifesto).


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