Terror is Terror and nothing less

Monday 19th June 2017

London hit again by an act of terror overnight and this time the target is peaceful worshippers leaving their Mosque after prayer.   Yes the victims were members of a Muslim community, a London Muslim community, and a community we should all stand together with for the same reason the vast majority of Muslims stood together with Manchester and London in the wake of the recent terror incidents perpetrated by Islamist extremists.

You see contrary to popular belief and the views that certain political parties might have you believe, terrorism is not the sole property of Islamist Fundamentalists.   Quite the opposite in fact.   The Muslim victims of this attack are our people, they are British, they live here, they contribute to our economy and they are welcome to continue to do so for as long as they choose.   They like the victims of previous attacks have done nothing wrong, they did and do not deserve to be targeted in this way.   This attack may well have been a revenge attack, or an attempt to get justice for the victims of the previous London and Manchester incidents, but it is no different, an act of terror unjustified and unnecessary which will always be the case.

What will it achieve, certainly not justice, most likely further attacks as some of those fundamentalists will see it as an act of war or provocation.   This attack does nothing for the stability of our country and local communities.   What we need now is a period of restraint, stability, no vigilante acts, no retribution, calm and considered thought, community spirit and cooperation.   Without this, the UK could very easily become a new frontline in the war on terror and that will make this a very dangerous place to live.

The world has serious problems, but for those of you who might be thinking that the current terror threats are predominantly from Muslim extremism against the western world, think again.   There are more Muslim on Muslim terror acts carried out around the world than there are Muslim/western attacks.   This is a World War but being fought in very different ways and fronts.

Final thought, the Muslim community have been encouraged  to report any suspicious activity, or suspicions of developing extremism within their community.   This latest attack serves as a reminder that extremism is out there in different guises and communities,   Stay safe, stay vigilant and report anything suspicious whoever it is, wherever it is and don’t delay.   Someone knew about the perpetrator of this latest act, knew his views, maybe, just maybe if they had reported it, the security services might have been able to prevent it.



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