High Rise Warnings


“Grenfell Tower fire: Labour demands answers on high-rise warnings” 


Labour calls for action after leaked letters appear to show ministers were warned people in blocks like Grenfell were “at risk”.

Sky News today carries this story which seems to suggest (not for the first time) that ministerial inaction may be to blame for the tragic loss of countless lives in the Grenfell Tower disaster.   For full story click here

I have previously stated (Grenfell Fire – Now is not the time)  that until the formal investigations are completed and the facts known, then we should observe restraint and reserve judgement, and in the intervening time concentrate on the needs of the victims and their families which seem to have been largely ignored so far.   I stand by that, but and there is a but;

The Government Ministers that this article refers to  are the very same group of Ministers in  Government right now – Ask yourselves this, if the story is correct, what right do these individuals have to hold senior government positions.   Party politics aside, this is a real practical question and in need of public debate.   If true the residents of Grenfell Tower were truly let down, as indeed were their families, loved ones, friends and the community at large.   Now, assuming this is all true, how many more people out there and how many more high rise residents are at risk?    What other warnings have been ignored by our elected representatives in the past.   What other recommendations have they received that have been dismissed or ignored that will put lives at risk.   What don’t we know and what skeletons are in the cupboard awaiting the door to open.   Let us hope the doors are opened voluntarily, before they are blown open by another disaster waiting to happen.




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